Trends in Spa-like Modern Bathroom Design



The bathroom is a space in the home, which goes beyond its original intention of private hygiene. Aside from the bedroom, it is regarded as another place in the house that one finds solace and comfort in. If you like going to a spa for the relaxing ambiance that it offers, then, a modern bathroom design suits your tastes just fine. There are plenty of bathroom furniture, fixtures, lighting systems, stones, tiles, accent pieces and upscale amenities that can transform any bathroom into a modern spa-like bathroom that is tranquil and soothing to body and thoughts.

If you find modern bathrooms charming and fit for the interior of a fashionable home and you are motivated to build one, what are some of the things to remember in creating the ambiance a modern bathroom design of your fantasy? First, the current trends are obviously influenced by green and environment-friendly resources. Here are some ideas and the current trends towards modern bathroom interiors that are good to integrate in your bathrooms.

1. Vast, light, and minimalist – these are some of the important attributes of a contemporary bathroom. Modern bathrooms are generally spacious with the amenities and furniture sparse, with clean lines, straightforward and functional. Some of these as well as accent pieces may appear unique in its patterns and designs but functionality remains to be the core at which the design is anchored. The space is airy because of the space, the lights, and the reflections of mirrors, glass, and other bathroom blings.

2. Modern bathrooms are inclined towards green and eco-friendly materials that are inspired by natural palette and materials. There is a strong liking for bamboo and woods; and natural stones like slate, marble and granites. The colors are patterned from neutral earth colors such as soft sky blue, forest greens, natural woods, and stone grays. However, accents are in effervescent colors splashed with control and minimalism in order not to overpower the appeal of natural resources and colors.

3. Functionality is underscored by water and energy saving features among the popular and top choices. This emphasizes how people are getting smarter, environment conscious, and educated about relevant matters especially the practical needs in terms of cost and protection of the natural world. Showerheads and faucets with water-saving features and toilets that flush less water and priced competitively are fast rising in terms of preference. Low-toxicity paints, floorings finished with wood, bamboo and natural stones.

4. Aside from the popularity of bamboo and natural stones, tiles remain to be popular because it can be cheaper but with a wide variety of finishes, sizes and colors. Border and accent tiles can serve as the most effective breaks in the use of monochromatic tiles in bog space. Thus, many kinds of ambiance can be supported by using tiles including modern bathroom design.

5. Modern bathrooms cannot be complete without the contemporary showers that have come a long way in both function and design. Imagine a walk-in shower with multiple showerheads that hit the body with stream of water from virtually all angles including spinal and foot massaging water jets. Modern showerheads come in a wide array of choices including the low-flow green designs.


6. Extend the energy and water conservation efforts further by investing on other environment-friendly materials such as showers with built-in lights to complete the ambiance and the experience. Use of glass rather than shower curtains and fabrics make the entire area light and fresh. Keeping the cabinets open and airy, limiting the accents to a few impressive pieces, and making the space uncluttered all contribute to the functionality of the modern bathroom.

7. Seal the modernity and updated look of a bathroom with the use of modern aesthetic and elegant fixtures – sinks, faucets and other hardware, vanities and accent pieces. Hunt down accent pieces made of stainless steel, chrome, nickel and other modern metals. Look for unique mirrors that have the slant towards spa-feel. Consider big windows as natural ventilation and source of natural lights.

After a day’s hard work, one can’t help it but look forward to a home that offers to melt all the stresses away with a relaxing bath. With a modern bathroom design typical of a spa in one’s home, can you ask for anything better?


Colorful Venice for the Shopper in You




Piazza San Marco, St. Mark’s Campanile

Venice’s blue skies, vibrant wall paints and unique mode of transport (or lack of) are undoubtedly things one would find charming in the city of Bridges. The list of what you can do in Venice seems endless so let me skip that and focus on the one thing we all love to do; shopping, for no doubt  it is the best therapy (along with travel, imho). And, for centuries a center of trade, it still holds such fame among consumers.

Venice is a major fashion and shopping centre in all of Italia…not as prominent as Milan but certainly recognizable that Louis Vuitton and Ermenegildo Zegna and a number more fashion boutiques operate their flagship stores there. Head to Frezzeria, a collection of streets to the west of Piazza San Marco for your high-end loots. And like all of Italy, imitation leather bags could be found profoundly on the streets. It is a common scene for the Carabinieri to take to custody those who sell fakes and those who buy from these sellers.

gucci venice

Gucci and street art

Leather. If leather is what you want, Venice has a lot to offer. While many small stores sell leather goods, one rule of thumb worth remembering as you scour is: Where you buy cheap, you get cheap, but, there’s no need to break your bank in getting that awesome bag or those super comfortable shoes. Look for Il Prato: Legatoria, it is said that they have the same manufacturer as Hermes, there’s no harm in looking (and probably buying).


Dior, Chanel, Louis Vuitton lines up in Venice’s busy streets

Glass and jewellry. 1.5 kilometers away from Venice’s main island, is a base of glassmakers and artisans that has refined the art of making crystalline glass, multicoloured glass (millefiori), enamelled glass (smalto), glass with threads of gold (aventurine), milk glass (lattimo) and those precious gemstones out of glass that we enjoy in most accessories today. Murano, as the Venetian island is called, has been a famous destination for tourists too but, one doesn’t need to go there to buy beads, pendants, mosaics, candy trays,  paper weights and whatnots. They are readily available in many trinkets and souvenir stores at the main island.

It is highly recommended to still visit the island to watch glassblowing and even the process of Murano bead-making in one of the smaller shops.


Millefiori earrings, beads, murano glasses and more

PaintingsVenice has a great art history, its own streets a testimony to the creativity of its populace and is itself a subject of many known paintings the world over. In the Middle-Ages and the Renaissance, Venice, aligned itself along with Florence and Rome, to become one of the most important centres of art in Europe, developing a unique art style known as the Venetian School.

The city has been home to ‘The Venice Biennale’, a major contemporary art exhibition taking place once every two years (in odd years). There are art exhibitions running in the many galleries around Venice and it’s always good to peek and see what’s being sold.

While the streets are lined up with impressive watercolor paintings of different sizes, you can find affordable paintings, sometimes framed in specialty shops. Itaca Art Studio seem a good choice, they sell copies of the original paintings (sold much expensive of course) of Venice’s landscape, gondolas, and other visually stimulating art pieces.


Artwork sold on streets

Masks. Cartapesta, Italian for paper mache, is another art form famous in Venice. While there are many products from paper mache, masks are the most notable. Note that masks can also be made of leather, porcelain or using the original glass technique, yet, I imagine they are somewhat heavier. Masks on display in Venice shops are not only good for the famous Carnival of Venice, they are also good souvenirs. Wearing elaborate costumes, masks and headpieces, Venice becomes a mysterious landscape during this season.

Maskmakers (mascherari) are artisans of different status, creating pieces and hand painting masks that’s impossible to remake. So if you fancy a mask to use or take home, visit  Papier Mache – Laboratorio di Artigianato Artistico – it is quite hidden but you’d definitely be happy with your haul.

venice masks


Food and Wine. Like all of Italy, Venetians’ love for pasta, cheese and wine can be easily seen on the streets…at the markets and restaurants with prolific displays of these consumes. Restaurants’ fresh ingredients come directly from the open markets where you can also find something to bring home. Colorful fettuccine, ravioli, tortelli and bigoli are conveniently packed for you. There’s Pinot grigio, prosecco and a number more wines you can taste for free and then buy by bottles. Don’t forget to get your gelato fix while walking your way out the busy streets…it’s always different in each part of Italy, I dare say.

venice store

shops all-around

Books. Hidden from the busy streets is a charming old book store claiming to be the most beautiful bookshop in the world. It’s called Libreria Acqua Alta, where books are in gondolas and bath tubs so as they don’t get wet when the water rises (acqua alta) thus, the name.

The owner sits at the cashier station and would greet visitors along with some bookish felines and he even gifts customers with a bookmarker or two before they leave. At the back of the bookshop is a silent corner where you can enjoy your book of choice, sitting on pile of books that never made it our of the flood. This queer shop is a delight for booklovers and those who love surprises, searching for it is already a start to a grand adventure.


Books, wonderful books!

 There’s so much that Venice can offer – to throw your money away aside from getting drunk drinking in the culture and beauty of this wonderful city of waters and bridges. For a more diverse experience, spend an hour or two at the Rialto Supermarket…that seems where all the good things are.

murano glass art

More murano glass art


What Aerobic exercise Can Do For You



Aerobics exercise or cardio, is one of the most challenging and rewarding physical activity you can do. Your muscles are all working out, you breathe hard and you feel your heart pounding with exertion. With this, your blood courses throughout the body and delivers much needed oxygen to your muscles and sustain your activity.

image via http://elitefitnesscenter.net

Known to be a powerful cardio workout, aerobics easily elevates the heart rate for sustained periods of time allowing the heart to pump efficiently. It also make the muscles work to use oxygen effectively. With regular aerobic exercise, you can lower your chances of developing heart diseases, type 2 diabetes, cancers such as breast and colon cancers, depression and dementia. Keeping your vibe high and regular physical activity helps control blood pressure, strengthen bone and muscles, improve one’s mood and increases stamina. Aerobics can do a lot of good for your overall health and well-being.

There are different types of aerobic exercises; you can try low-impact, water, step, dance and sports aerobics. The best one for you will depend on your physical fitness and the intensity of the workout you have in mind. Here are some choices that you can consider.

Cycling – A popular work out that doesn’t require any special skills except of course, knowing how to ride a bike when you will be doing outdoor cycling.

Running – In the recent year, this typical aerobics exercise has become a fitness trend a popular social sports. It effectively burns calories in a short time. You can join marathons and running competition virtually anywhere you are. Like cycling, running does not require any special skills, all you will need is a good pair of running shoes and comfortable exercise outfit.

Yoga – Mind exercises such as yoga helps a person develop his physical fitness and at the same time enhance his mental well-being. And since it involves proper breathing techniques, yoga and other mind-body exercises also help develop your respiratory system.

Step Aerobics – Considered to be one of the most convenient and effective ways of exercising indoors and at home. All you need with this is a step and upbeat music.

Jazzercise Aerobics – These are low-impact workouts that are choreographed to constitute dance routines. There are classes conducted by aerobics trainers who dictate movements during the session to avoid injury and maximize the health benefits of the workout.

So whatever type of aerobics exercise you choose for your level of fitness, you can be assured of benefitting physically and mentally any of them.


How to Have Perfect-Looking Skin Using Minimal Makeup


clean slate poreless 12-hour primer

So you just got your paycheck, and you’re mulling over the thought of splurging on some fab make up.  Sounds like a totally awesome idea, although in the world of beauty, sometimes- or rather, most of the time- less is definitely more. Even with just a little makeup, you can appear as if you have perfectly blemish-free skin.  If you want to magically achieve that head-turning, peaches and cream look, here are some tips you should follow:

A little moisture goes a long way, so never scrimp on moisturizer.  Whatever type of skin you have, well-moisturized skin paves the way to stunning skin. After you’ve put on your moisturizer, let it sink in before you go to the next step: applying primer.

Primer helps make the surface of the skin smooth, and evens out skin tone.  They also fill in fine lines and reduce shine.  Primer, like tarte’s clean slate poreless 12-hour primer, is an answered prayer, as it doesn’t clog pores and has anti-aging properties.

For a little extra coverage on stubborn spots, hang on to your trusty concealer. Use your ring finger to rub on the tip of a concealer stick, and then gently dab under your eyes, on blemishes or on any imperfections you want to hide.

maracuja blush

Then you can move on to putting on some blush. Tarte’s Airblush maracuja blush seems to work well at giving you a natural-looking flush.  It seems as if the blush was airbrushed on your skin.  The shimmer doesn’t overpower at all.

Applying just a bit of makeup keeps everyone else second guessing as to whether or not you actually have any makeup on.  They can’t quite put their finger on it, but they’re certain there’s something different about the way you look.  It almost gives off an air of mystery.  Because your skin looks flawless to them, you feel confident.  And we all know that nothing is sexier than that.

The Lure of Dubai Shopping Festival



Every year, from mid January to mid February, the level of shopping goes several notches higher in Dubai, thanks to the Dubai Shopping Festival.

The Dubai Shopping Festival is a government-led initiative launched in 1996 to revitalize Dubai’s retail trade. To say that the initiative was a hit would be an understatement, as the DSF is now one of the most famous and sought-after shopping festivals all over the world. Proof of this is the more than 3 million people who troop to Dubai each year to take part in the festival.

Dubai Maill

image via http://www.flickr.com/photos/rosshawkes/

Attending the festival is like hitting two birds with one stone – aside from the endless shopping spree, you would also be treated to an extravagant opening ceremony, complete with fireworks and light shows. All these take place on Dubai Creek, and the spectacular sky show continues throughout the festival.

If you were a shopaholic, shopping during the Dubai festival is going to feel like your own personal Nirvana, what with all the discounts, huge discounts, on duty-free items. I know some people who have experienced shopping in Dubai during regular shopping days, and they can’t help but gush over the tax-free shopping. So you can just imagine how much better it would be if you were able to go tax-free shopping with massive discounts to boot!

Each year, the Dubai Shopping Festival gets bigger and more impressive than the one before it. That’s why it’s not surprising that the volume of shoppers and holidaymakers it attracts keeps getting bigger, too.

I guess that’s the undeniable lure of shopping. Bargain hunters like me would thrive in such an environment. It’s probably the only shopping festival where you could buy gold (yes, the metal!), major designer fashion labels, electronics, cars, and more at outstandingly cheap prices. Of course, signature products that are proudly made in Dubai are available, too. Oh, and that are competitions that run throughout the course of the festival where winners could win huge cash prizes.

However, even without the irresistible pull of shopping, every traveler would want to explore Dubai for the beautiful country that it is, especially during the festival. Concerts, fashion shows, film festivals, cultural events, and awesome street performances are aplenty.

Actually, traveling to Dubai is one entry in my bucket list since I know it has plenty to offer someone like me. I’m sure my camera would be busy as I check out the awesome sights. The Burj Al Arab is one place I want to see personally.

Maybe once I try to make a refined search of the things I can do in Dubai and read reviews of the events and places to enjoy there, I could start planning for a trip. Of course, I’d have to plan the trip around the Dubai Shopping Festival.

Swarovski Installation

sale season


Are Skin Firming Products Worth Your Money?



The skin is considered to be our largest organ and it plays a range of important roles in keeping our body’s overall health and well-being. Among the skins’ notable function includes protection against pathogens, production of Vitamin D folates, keeps our body’s temperature regulated and serves as insulation from the cold or warmth of the environment.

nivea line

Exposure to the different elements makes our skin prone to damages and if we are not to properly care for it, skin damage will become more apparent as we age. The skin loses it youthful glow and luster as one gets older. It may sag and wrinkles can develop. And because of these, many people turn to different skin care products and solutions which can help them fight or slow down these signs of skin aging. Skin firming cream products is one of the most sought after products that are specifically made to correct sagging and other signs of skin aging.

How To Choose the Right Products for You

Because of the huge demand for it, the market is abound with skin firming cream products that finding the right one for you can become a horrendous task. There are products that are said to have moisturizers, vitamins and minerals, and other natural extracts. However, many of these products does not really meet the international standards for some essential components rendering them useless and just a waste of money.

Some products only provide temporary firmness because they do not really aid in collagen and elastin reconstruction. These two proteins are the ones responsible for keeping our skin supple and firm. Thus, in choosing a skin firming cream product, make sure to check whether they contain adequate levels of elastin and collagen. Skin firming cream products should also contain other important components including Vitamin B, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Q10 and others ingredients that will help protect against free-radicals which may cause skin damage. It should have appropriate levels of essential oils and water to keep your skin hydrated and healthy. All these components are essential for a skin firming cream product to work as advertised.

The best way to find skin firming cream products that are worth buying is to do a little research and make sure that the one you are interested in has all the essential components for it to be effective. Keep in mind that there are hundreds of skin products out on the market today and finding the best can be tricky. If you want to achieve supple, healthy and firm skin, make it a point to keep a healthy lifestyle, a healthy diet and exercise regularly. This will not only fight the signs of aging, it will also complement your use of anti-aging products that you’ve bought.


How to Make the Most of Your Post-Holiday Shopping



Months ago, almost everybody was talking about Black Friday deals and Boxing Day sales. However, many had not thought  about the next round of sales that seem too good to pass. These kinds of sales usually happen when stores decide to offload excess inventory to give way to items that would be in season.

For instance, September is usually the best time to shop for spring and summer clothes when stores begin a round of serious price-cutting. They have no choice but to drop the prices of the said clothes to make room for holiday wear and winter gear, lest they want their spring and summer collections to rot in their warehouses. The same goes a few months before spring and summer. Stores would go all out trying to offload their remaining holiday inventory to have more room in their racks and shelves for light clothing.

Nevertheless, these sales often leave consumers in a quandary. They ask themselves whether it’s worth trudging their way to the malls to get good deals when they’ve just stretched their shopping budgets to the limit.

Well, post-holiday sales are often the best times to score awesome items; thus, it’s somewhat hard to pass up on the chance. The following short list might help you decide what to buy, what not to buy, and how to stay a step ahead of all these stores offering insanely enticing deals in order to keep your spending in check.

The first thing you need to do is make a list. I know you’ve gone through several lists already while doing your holiday shopping, but you can never question the value of a list. Your list, no matter how long or short it is, will keep you from making impulse purchases. If you’re a certified shopaholic, then you know how impulse shopping can get you into so much trouble. That’s the last thing you want to happen. As much as possible, you want to stay within budget; therefore, work with a list, stick to it, and you’ll avoid overspending.

she who dies with the most shoes win…

You probably accumulated several gift cards over the holidays. Now is the best time to make use of the cards. However, if the cards you received won’t score you a dress or two from one of your favorite stores, you might want to swap those for cash. Believe it or not, there are websites that accept unwanted gift cards in exchange for cash. That way, you don’t have to spend money from your savings to do some post-holiday shopping.

Department stores are the way to go for post-holiday shopping. You’d be surprised at what you can score from the clearance section of many department stores. These clearance sections don’t only offer steep discounts but you can also find quality, brand-name merchandise here. Moreover, many department stores offer coupons (which you can find online, in magazines, and in newspapers) to bring down the prices even more.

As mentioned earlier, retailers will try to clear out their stores of seasonal clothes to make way for garments appropriate for the coming season. Therefore, if spring and summer are fast approaching, that’s the best time to shop for sweaters, coats, and cute furry snow boots that you can use come fall and winter. You probably have your eyes set on a beautiful cashmere sweater but had to let it go because of the price, so now’s the best time to buy that sweater, since chances are big that its price has dropped down. The same goes during fall or winter; prices of spring and summer clothes would drop down, so it’s best to shop around these times.

Be wary of deals that seem unbelievable. You know how the saying goes. If deals seem too good to be true, these probably are. A case in point is a BTGOF or ‘buy two, get one free’ deal for some sweaters. If you analyze it closely, you’d find out you didn’t really get a free sweater but instead spent an extra $50. How can that be? Well, you’re only looking for one sweater, but the BTGOF deal sounded nice. Hence, you ended up paying two sweaters just to get one free. You’ve clearly overspent on something you didn’t need in the first place.

Post-holiday shopping is always fun but it’s never without loopholes. Keep these simple tips in mind when you go post-holiday shopping to make sure you’re getting the best value for your hard-earned money.


Cosmetology and You

cosmetology, hair, make up

image via http://www.hairdirections.com

Cosmetology continuing education classes are necessary to receive license renewals in cosmetology. Cosmetology involves providing beauty treatments to females and males of all ages. It covers various subjects such as skin treatments, dying, pedicure, hair styling, hair removal, manicures and makeup. Those who work in the cosmetology industry previously obtained a degree in cosmetology, but all cosmetologists must take continuing education courses, like the courses offered at State Continuing Education, Inc., offer to maintain their professional cosmetology standing and keep a good reputation with their clients.

Most beauty schools indicate that even though not all states require continuing education courses for a license renewal, most of them do. In the states that do require continuing education, the mandatory hours required is usually from 6 to 16 depending on the person’s area in cosmetology, his or her degree level and whether the person has let his or her cosmetology license lapse.

There are several options when it comes to fulfilling your continuing education courses. The most flexible and easiest way to take courses is online at your own convenience. Some cosmetology schools offer courses online as well. You can also attend seminars and training programs for continued education. For any of these options, you should always check with the instructor as well as the institution’s accreditation’s and affiliations. Not every course, training program or seminar meets the state standards where it relates to continuing education, so if you need courses strictly for the renewal requirements, be careful to not enroll in programs not approved.

The coursework required for continuing education in cosmetology falls into three categories. The first topic deals with health and safety information. Courses falling into this category discuss the laws on sanitation as well as preventing the spread of diseases. The next category covers professional development. This course offers essential business skills useful to cosmetologists like how to network within the field of cosmetology or how to train employees. The last course involves more specific area data. For example, for a cosmetologist specializing in skin care, he or she can take a class on the latest techniques for laser abrasion to reduce acne scarring on the face.

Because cosmetologists use various chemicals and techniques that might result in injuries to a client if not properly applied, they need to be up-to-date on how to handle these products. Because they see clients on a daily basis and risk making them sick if they aren’t sure of how to keep their salon and equipment clean , they need to take courses to ensure they know how to eliminate the risks of work-related injuries. Cosmetologists go through the same repetitive motions day after day, putting them at risk of injury themselves. Continuing education classes eliminate the risks of these hazards happening. This allows the cosmetologist to have a more successful career.

All the continuing education courses you take can be put on your cosmetology resume under professional experience. This helps open the door for future career opportunities. By being proactive and taking continuing education classes, you are showing your clients and other cosmetology professionals that you are up-to-date with the latest regulations and trends.


Healthy Lifestyle, Your BP, Feeling and Looking Good



On average, your heart beats up to 100,000 times a day, depending on your activity level. This hard-working muscle relies on a healthy lifestyle to keep working effectively. You may not know your average blood pressure value, but your doctor takes it every time you visit the office. Be aware of your number to avoid any future health problems with a blood pressure monitor.

Your BP Rate Explained

When your doctor takes your blood pressure, the value is described as a fraction. Preferably, your blood pressure should be 120/80. This value actually describes two actions within your circulatory system. The top number, or 120, is the pressure exerted on your blood vessels when your heart is actively pumping. This blood vessel expansion value is typically higher than the lower number because of the increased pressure on your arteries. Acting as a control, the lower number provides your resting blood pressure when the vessels relax between heartbeats.

How To Take Accurate Measurements

Using an automatic blood pressure cuff, take your measurements at the same time everyday to get an average value. It is preferable for you to sit quietly for 15 to 20 minutes before taking the reading. Strenuous exercise or socializing immediately before a blood pressure reading can inaccurately boost your numbers. Keep your values accurate with a calm environment.

Position the cuff directly above your elbow, locating the hose in the middle of your inner arm. Take your reading according to the monitor’s instructions. Do not move or talk during the measurement. Accurate readings over several days give you a true picture of your cardiovascular health.

When To Visit Your Doctor And Possible Solutions

If your average blood pressure is higher than 140/90, you should visit your doctor for further tests. High blood pressure places excessive stress on your cardiovascular system. Your doctor will form a plan for you to reduce your pressure number. You may need to take a specialized medicine to keep your pressure down, but only your doctor can determine each individual case.

Keep up with a healthy diet and exercise program to naturally lower blood pressure. Visit HeartRateMonitorsUSA.com for monitors that can increase your exercising potential and maximize heart rate ranges for weight loss and heart health. Although some high blood pressure is genetically-determined, many people simply need a healthier lifestyle. Fruit, vegetables and moderate exercise may be all that is necessary to keep you healthy and your heart strong.


Can You Risk Getting Caught Wearing Printed Leggings and Ankle Boots?


Personally, I think Anne Hathaway’s fashion sense is admirable. Her classic style never fails to turn heads whenever she struts down the red carpet. However, just a few days ago, she was caught wearing something that may just turn heads for all the wrong reasons – a pair of spandex leggings with galaxy print topped off with a pair of trainers and a plain denim button-down shirt. For someone of Anne’s caliber, it appeared to be a poor outfit choice.

Actually, printed leggings do seem like a bad choice whether you’re a celebrity or not. Printed tops are cool; you can match a printed top with any type of bottoms (pants, skirts, shorts, skorts, and leggings) provided it has a solid color or a coordinating design. Printed leggings, though, are risky.

Nevertheless, more and more women are making printed leggings part of their wardrobe ensemble. Why is that? Apparently, leggings in general have a versatile and uber chic vibe that can liven up your outfit no matter if you’re enjoying a leisurely walk in the neighborhood, heading to work or school, or gearing up for an all-nighter.


Paired with a fabulous pair of Reef Adora ankle boots (yes, leggings, skinny jeans, and just about any bottom look awesome with ankle boots!) and a gorgeous top, you can play up your wardrobe, emphasize your best assets, and create a flattering outfit. Printed leggings and ankle boots go well with oversized sweaters, trendy tops, shirts, blouses, tunics, and even jersey dresses.

Of course, it’s quite difficult for a woman to wear something she’s not comfortable with. I know I wouldn’t dare wear something that could backfire against my desired results. Hence, here are a few tips and tricks to help you (and me, perhaps) rock printed leggings and the staple, ankle boots.

Since the concept may be entirely new to you, you need to start conventionally. How do you do that? Well, rather than buy printed leggings with bold patterns, choose pairs with subdued details. Pinstripes, tie-dyes, tiny polka dots, and small flowers are some designs that are not too loud but still help you pull off that look you’re aiming for.
If you want to be on the safe side, go for a pair of leopard print leggings. This particular print is quite popular and a favorite among women who love wearing prints because it’s considered neutral. This means it would look great with any solid colored top. Mischa Barton was once photographed wearing it with a black tank, black jacket, and a pair of nifty black ankle boots. The outfit generally looked simple but the effect was fabulous!

Legs can make or break you. However, with a pretty pair of printed leggings and the right pair of shoes, you can create the illusion of long legs. Of course, you can always elongate your legs by wearing leggings with vertical stripes. Nevertheless, the easiest and most failsafe fix is to wear heels or wedges with your printed leggings. Your best bet is to wear sexy ankle boots with your bottom for that A-lister look.

Your printed leggings and ankle boots already speak volumes about your wardrobe choices but you would want to look for the perfect complement to the ensemble. A simple top, perhaps one in a solid color or with a silhouette that’s either slimming or flattering, would be a good pick.

Don’t buy just about any available design on the racks. You need to think about the patter itself. Unlike vertical stripes that elongate your legs, horizontal stripes are a tad tricky. In addition, prints in screaming colors are a no-no.
While printed leggings paired with a gorgeous pair of Reef boots and a flattering top will help you seal the look, remember that leggings are not pants. Hence, always pair your leggings with a blouse, shirt, or any top that covers your derrière.

As a final word, be confident. If you want to look good while wearing printed leggings, then carry yourself with some swagger. People would notice if you feel good about what you’re wearing or not, and this is the same with almost any fashion trend. Therefore, if you want people to admire your sense of style, walk the talk and exude confidence.

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